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Should this man have been let ouf of jail to attend his grandmother's funeral?
I don't care

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I received this email this morning:

Hello Bob.

I'm practically sick to my stomach with some developments at work and I thought you might be interested.

It relates to Tyquan Rivera, the kid who is in prison for shooting Officer Anthony DiPonzio.

His grandmother recently passed away and he apparently has been granted permission to be present at the services for his grandmother. As it turns out, the corrections officers who are escorting him are unarmed. Because of this, combined with the fact that the services will be held on the east side of the city, RPD officers from the East Division will be assigned to his protective detail.

Not the State Police or MCSO, but RPD officers who work out of the same office that Tony once worked out of. RPD officers who have been the subject of death threats by Tyquan's brother. RPD officers who have been spit on by that brother. RPD officers who were there the day Tony was shot.

Now we have to watch while he is able to see many family and friends today.

I'm disgusted. Thanks for letting me rant.

- by Bob Lonsberry © 2012

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