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Should hydrofracking be legal?

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Do you know who Lord Browne is?

Me neither.

But he said something interesting the other day. At a recent energy conference in Britain, Lord Browne – the former CEO of British Petroleum – said that America would be energy independent by 2030.

One of the most connected and knowledgeable energy men in the world said that the United States is less than 20 years away from being able to tell the Arabs to go pound salt.

The Arabs, and all the rest of the oil producers.

By 2030, we’ll be able to provide for ourselves when it comes to energy.

No, this isn’t another pie-in-the-sky love song to wind and solar and switch grass and whatever other bull-crap project Obama and the Democrats want to cram down our throats.

This is real energy.

The kind that doesn’t take a government welfare check and which doesn’t leave us all huddled in the darkness as the global-warming con pushes mankind back to its second Stone Age.

This is fuel. Good old hydrocarbons.

Specifically, natural gas.

America has enough natural gas to heat its homes, drive its cars, fuel its trucks, power its electrical generators and protect its national security.

For how long?

For multiple centuries into the future.

The British guy used the word “infinite.”

That’s a lot.

American can not only meet its energy needs and sustain its lifestyle, it can do so without buying a barrel of anything from anyone. No more bowing presidents holding hands with Saudi princes, no more billions for the terrorists, no more dirt bag petro tyrants like Hugo Chavez, no more carriers through the Straits of Hormuz.

And every energy dollar now going into foreign pockets would flow instead into American paychecks, leases, stocks and 401Ks.

We would rediscover the wonderful empowering and enriching nature of being self-sufficient.

Plus there’s this: Natural gas is far cheaper and cleaner than gasoline, per unit of energy.

But there’s a problem.


Liberals, who hate America, have twisted the sustainability and environmental arguments into weapons to be used against American prosperity and power. The great uniting theme of liberalism is the castration and impoverishment of America. All its hydra-headed manifestations grow from one pathetic body – the hatred of American liberty, values and prosperity.

They don’t care about global warming, they care about shutting down American factories and power plants, and parking American cars. Global warming is a pretense for burdensome taxes and regulations, a purposeful disadvantage to eliminate the disparities of the Third World by eliminating the prosperity of the First World.

The socialism that is modern liberalism seeks the equality of the lowest common denominator. It doesn’t seek to raise the poor nations of the world, it seeks to debase the rich nations of the world.

The foundations of economic prosperity are manufacturing and energy. American manufacturing has been laid low – check the labels on your Olympic jersey – and now the broad attack is on American energy.

Coal, a longtime cheap source of power, has been specifically attacked by the president and his supporters. Insane new Democrat mileage standards are unmeetable by a fleet of gasoline-powered vehicles. Cap and trade and other schemes to make American products unaffordable and homeowners’ electric bills unpayable drive the cost of American energy upward, at great risk to continued American prosperity.

We bemoan the fact our children won’t have it as good as we had it, and ignore the reality that it is purposeful liberal policies that will make it that way.

Which gets us back to natural gas.

The recent proliferation of natural gas exploration – and the technology that makes that simple and cheap – has done two things dramatically: Increased supply and lowered price.

That changes the fundamental equation of American energy. If we move from foreign oil to American gas, all of a sudden, life is good and the economy is on fire.

Which scares the liberals.

Because it goes exactly counter to their plans.

Instead of an America in decline, cheap natural gas all but guarantees a resurgent United States. Instead of shuffling off to the welfare line of history, and taking our silly notions about individual liberty and the possession of property with us, America would all of a sudden have what the Chinas of the world can only dream of – a secure and affordable source of our own energy.

And that puts us back on top.

Which is what the liberals hate.

They already lost the Cold War once, they don’t want to lose it again.

Which is why they oppose hydrofracking.

The “infinite” supply of natural gas the British guy was talking about is in shale.

It needs to be fracked out.

Much as it has been for some 40 years.

Much as it is being fracked now in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

That’s why the liberals are fighting hydrofracking tooth and nail. That’s why their propagandists in the media speak of it so contemptuously. That’s why the Democrat politicians drag their feet so insistently.

Because fracked gas is the ticket to American prosperity, security and independence.

They oppose it out of blind hatred, as opposed to practical principle. In the name of the environment, they oppose an energy source that produces 40 percent less waste than the sources it replaces.

Because they hate America.

Because they want to enslave us with their superstitions and prejudices.

God founded this country. And he gave us the resources we need to survive.

Including natural gas.

We can use it and prosper.

Or we can give in to the sorceries of the left, and live in the cold and dark.

- by Bob Lonsberry © 2012

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