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The so-called “Utah Compact” is offensive, arrogant and dishonest.

Issued at the end of last week by a variety of self-appointed elites – the typical Alta Club crew – it drips condescension and distortion. Further, it seeks to suppress and subvert the will of the people of Utah through intimidation and a silencing of the people’s representatives.

It seeks to short circuit the electoral and legislative process by using political correctness and institutional pressure. It is fundamentally un-American.

And nobody is saying so.


Because the voice of the people has been silenced and co-opted.

Here’s the background. Since spring, members of the Utah state legislature have been working on a bill that would, like Arizona, crack down on illegal immigration. It would, among other things, require local and state police to, under some circumstances, verify and report immigrant status.

That has been popular with the people, and unpopular with the elites and the activists. Knowing the legislation would pass, the elites have tried to shoot it down before it gets to the legislature. Mostly they have done that through ridicule and mockery.

Now they seek to do it with a five-paragraph “declaration” of five principles these blowhards insist must define, direct and limit Utah’s discussion of illegal immigration.

Political correctness is never so savage as when practiced by rich, middle-aged white men in power suits.

So let’s set the record straight.

We do that by looking at two specific distortions within the Utah Compact. The best way to confuse people is to frame an argument on a false premise. The Utah Compact begins and ends with false premises.

First, this line: “Immigration is a federal policy issue between the U.S. government and other countries – not Utah and other countries.”

This assertion is not true either as a matter of constitutional principle or practical reality.

Constitutionally, immigration and naturalization are a function of the relationship between the federal government and the states, and the federal government and immigrants. Immigration is between the U.S. government and foreign nationals – not foreign nations.

As a practical reality, immigration is an issue now because the federal government has failed in both of those constitutional responsibilities. It has not done its duty in regard to either the states or the illegal immigrants. It has not required the illegal immigrants to obey federal laws. That has failed the states.

And more importantly, it has consequently failed the people.

That is the fundamental lie in that line. In our day and age, illegal immigration is an issue between the American government and the American people. The American people are damaged in several ways by illegal immigration, and the issue before the people of Utah – and America – is forcing the government to do its duty.

Further distortion in the Utah Compact’s first Big Lie is that any pending state illegal-alien legislation involves “Utah and other countries.”

Nobody is saying that Utah should treat with other nations, or engage in diplomacy of any sort. The legislation calls for action against foreign nationals, not foreign nations. Utah will not be sending a delegation to Mexico or anywhere else, it will be patrolling and policing its own streets and neighborhoods.

The Utah Compact’s first line is a lie. That lie is the foundation of sand upon which the entire document is built.

The capstone is just as dishonest.

In the document’s penultimate line, another false paradigm is asserted.

It reads: “The way we treat immigrants will say more about us as a free society and less about our immigrant neighbors.” That politically correct platitude seeks to shift culpability and responsibility from the guilty to the innocent. It says that the real issue of illegal immigration is what we do, not what they do. It says that the issue is the conduct of citizens, not illegal aliens.

And that is bull crud.

One group of people is engaged in illegal conduct. The other group is not. The various fat cats behind the Utah Compact would have their neighbors believe that those deserving of a scolding are the ones engaged in legal conduct and that those engaged in illegal conduct are not.

The legal residents of Utah didn’t do anything wrong. The illegal aliens did.

What’s at issue is not the conduct of legal residents, it is the conduct of illegal aliens.

This is not a test of society, this is a violation of society. The issue is the lawbreakers, and the government that allows and facilitates their lawbreaking.

But the people behind the Utah Compact don’t want Utahns to realize that. The people behind the Utah Compact want to treat Utahns and their representatives like brain-dead sheep.

So they come up with this nonsense.

And they have their newspapers and their radio stations shill for it. They vilify and ridicule those who feel differently. For generations, Utah had one liberal newspaper. Now it has two. It has been hard to see the reporting of either paper on this issue as anything other than propaganda.

On the flagship radio station of Utah’s new “civility” fleet, directed by the company dedicated to truth and light and nose-in-the-air self-righteousness, the Compact’s official talk-show host ripped the Utah House sponsor of immigration from stem to stern. He cussed him like there was no tomorrow.

It is uncivil, we are told, to criticize illegal immigration. It is, however, completely civil to criticize those who criticize illegal immigration.

What the Compact people and the civility movement teach us is that speech is free as long as it agrees with them. If you stop reading off their script, however, they stand ready to denounce your social, intellectual and moral inferiority.

So I say we call their bluff.

Let’s let the people decide.

Let’s not play the wink-wink, nod-nod game of “We’ve got the Mormon church on our side” and let the legislative process play out.

If members of the Utah House and Senate believe that their constituents want to look the other way on illegal immigration, then vote the way the Utah Compact people demand.

It’s a simple choice.

Utah Compact equals status quo. Immigration reform equals stemming the flow of illegal aliens.

Let the people decide. And let legislators decide who they represent.

The people at the Alta Club. Or the people at the voting booth.

- by Bob Lonsberry © 2010

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