Written April 19, 2017     

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# 1. 4/19/17 8:03 AM by Carl - West Wayne
Makes sense but we have so many doing this it might not mean anything. MA is so solid blue. he would not stand a chance. They seem to like crazy people. That leaves him out.

# 2. 4/19/17 8:57 AM by Anon - SLC, Ut
thumbsup.gif Orrin Hatch can be personally helpful to Utahn's, poor, incarcerated, doesn't matter. Mitt doesn't care about the poor.

# 3. 4/19/17 1:54 PM by Chuck
Romney certainly showed, through his craven sucking up to Trump after the election, that he has more than enough of a weak mind and a weak character to be a Republican Senator.

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