Written April 7, 2017     

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# 1. 4/7/17 11:38 AM by Carl - West Wayne
Really? I do not care one bit. Rochester like New York is history. NY population has dropped by 70,000 people. We will lose two congressional seats. That could be billions in payroll. Real growth is done by good roads, bridges and public safety. We have little of these. Oh, and jobs created by privet business and privet cash. Get out while you can.

# 2. 4/7/17 11:55 AM by Chris
I think it's a good move. People will complain that this does not include affordable housing, but I can't remember when affordable housing has ever improved anything in Rochester, or pretty much anywhere else for that matter.

If you want to see downtown thrive, attract the money.

# 3. 4/7/17 12:07 PM
A true "blessing in disguise". I would have given Andy Gallina much less than lent him the money if I had thought his proposal was even remotely feasible. The City of Rochester might be great for "outsiders" to enjoy the arts. But not a great place to live. I knew Andy's father very well. And, if he were alive today, I would sincerely seek his counsel regarding the deal Andy was pushing. But success is not always measured in the obvious. And it was obvious that Andy was getting a little more than carried away. I spoke and discussed with his bankers. The consensus was tat Andy could pull it off. biut it was a lot more "risky" than typical for a Gallina deal. I am truly glad that Andy has had to walk away from this deal, though involuntarily. But my word to andy is that better things are coming. My new bank is revolutionary. And time will tell!

# 4. 4/7/17 1:24 PM by Dodie - Spencerport
No one has mentioned where people will park. What is needed is FREE parking. Then they will come.

# 5. 4/7/17 5:54 PM
Message for Andy Gallina: Slow down, dude. Take some time to smell the roses AND the coffee. The damn world isn't going to run away. At least not yet. Better deals are on the horizon!

# 6. 4/8/17 9:09 AM by Doug
thumbsup.gif Good Idea but I will never go because you can not find parking. Why put large events in the middle of the city when you could put them somewhere easy to get to and room for parking. Also somewhere safer then downtown (A SHOOTING or STABBING almost every day)

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