Written March 16, 2017     

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# 1. 3/16/17 7:20 AM by Jim - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif "So far, Chuck Schumer has merely been a tall Nancy Pelosi." Wow, Nancy Pelosi must the smallest person in all of Washington D.C., including those in the elementary schools. Regardless, it brings up an interesting question "Is it better to do wrong but in a right way or visa -versa?".

# 2. 3/16/17 8:26 AM
Even the wisest need reminders when they stray.

# 3. 3/16/17 9:49 AM by lj - mm
thumbsup.gif I liked your words...

If your enemy is always your enemy, that static relationship will go nowhere. But if your enemy can occasionally be your friend, endless possibilities open up.

Instead of obstruction and mockery, Schumer(AND OTHER SENATORS?), should occasionally try cooperation and partnership. Not in the compromise of his constituents’ values, but in the furtherance of their interests. He would thereby make himself relevant in the governance of the country, and he would be able to impact the actual content of legislation in a way his current course of action would never allow.

# 4. 3/16/17 9:58 AM by arnie rothschild - rochester, ny
thumbsup.gif This is dead on point! Being minority leader gives him the chance to help NY or hurt it by putting his position before his state's interests.

I am a Republican but voted for the Senator twice now. I did that because I thought he cared deeply about our state and worked his butt off! Right now I think he has put "playing to his conference" first ,not us!

# 5. 3/16/17 11:23 AM
I do not want my senator to be a Vichy collaborator. A spine is tantamount to facing off with a dangerously unqualified would be tyrant.

# 6. 3/16/17 9:53 PM by Mudd - Wayne County
Schumer is the perfect example as to why there should be term limits for these Bozos. Can not stand this guy, fake tears and all. Another example of Ugly Warren not saying thank you to Gosalano for $25 million donation. Idiots not speaking for the people, only them selves.

# 7. 3/16/17 10:58 PM by Bob Hoch - Wichita, KS
thumbsup.gif Since I don't receive your radio broadcast, I hope you have a follow-up column on how this went. Thanks.

# 8. 3/23/17 8:17 PM by RJ - Rochester NY
thumbsup.gif And now he is going to lead the Filibuster on the SC Nomination!!!!!!

# 9. 3/25/17 10:18 AM by Ed - Hilton,NY
Senator Schumer never followed through on completion of the promised border wall that would have save taxpayers billions of dollars in benefits for illegals but showed up in Rochester to fight the banks for excessive ATM charges. We need term limits.

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