Written February 26, 2017     

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# 1. 2/26/17 5:40 PM by Larry - GreeceNY
thumbsup.gif Agreed but it's been going on longer than years has it not?

# 2. 2/26/17 6:17 PM by Kevin Vickers - Honeoye ny
thumbsup.gif Sir,your eloquence once more unfortunately speaks the truth.Oh how I would love to see a certain neighborhood awake on morning to find themselves surrounded by the state police ! If you have done nothing wrong you should be fine but should you have a unregistered gun drugs or a warrant in your name then you will be held accountable Many for a brief while will be alas inconvenienced ,but one has to see that it is for the greater good ,drastic measures I know but the time is nigh Once more well said Bob and one hundred percent accuracy

# 3. 2/26/17 6:21 PM by Carl
thumbsup.gif Oscar's. Haven't since Bob Hope left.

# 4. 2/26/17 6:35 PM
"Fake" news and "fake" cops too! And "fake" law and order.

# 5. 2/26/17 6:49 PM by Jerry T - Macedon, NY
thumbsup.gif That video was disgusting. Have we given up maintaining control and respect?

# 6. 2/26/17 7:03 PM by Ed Martin - Rochester, NY
Spot-on, hit-the-nail-on-the-head, 100% abso-freaking-lutely true!

# 7. 2/26/17 8:14 PM by Lex - Fairport
thumbsup.gif The police are in a situation that they are damned if you do - damned if you don't. They can't win without total support from the top down. And they are not getting that support. Time to make a change at the top. And I am not talking about the Chief.

# 8. 2/26/17 9:24 PM by Lona Bertino - Henderson, NV
thumbsup.gif My dad, Lou Bertino, was an RPD officer for many years. He retired in 1984. If he were alive today, he would be so disgusted with the Department, the mayor and the activists. Thank you for your honesty and courage to write it.

# 9. 2/26/17 9:42 PM by Tracey Perkins - Livonia, NY
thumbsup.gif Thank you for honestly stating the truth. As a teacher in the RSCD for 30 years, I am sickened by what our city has become. You have put into words the thoughts and feelings of so many. I'm just not sure how to solve this problem. A problem I am faced with everyday.

# 10. 2/27/17 5:58 AM by GBerry - Rochester
Bob you are correct, but the blame falls strictly on the administration and City Hall. Our cops are completely shut down in doing their jobs effectively. City council and the Mayor continue to hamstring the department with policies and decisions that completely stop effective policing. The cameras are a perfect example. The sole purpose is to "hang" a cop to appease the community. If they truly wanted it to work they would release the footage of what are police officers see and deal with every day! They won't however. The Mayor and council are the issue not the officers.

# 11. 2/27/17 6:15 AM
Amen. And not one word from city hall/mayor all last week. Even your words haven't been enough for leaders to speak out.

# 12. 2/27/17 7:11 AM by Poplar Beach
Won't happen Bob, don't you understand, everyone is a victim, you can't harass them and you certainly can't arrest them. The only people in this country who are not victims are straight white men and we should be profiling them big time. If you want to keep your job, you might want to work on your lisp, bring back the bow tie, keep your high voice and you might even get a raise, but h-ll will freeze over, before cities like Rochester, Chicago, or Baltimore will get cleaned up.

# 13. 2/27/17 8:07 AM by RF Ruggles - Cocoa, Fl.
thumbsup.gif The city is a war zone. It will continue until the residents elect new leadership, who will allow the police to do their jobs.

# 14. 2/27/17 9:25 AM by Regina - Rochester
thumbsup.gif The problem is with Lovely Warren. The Chief should be independent unfortunately he is not. That is very sad.

# 15. 2/27/17 10:45 AM by Jodi - wayne county east
Welcome to reality Bob.

# 16. 2/27/17 11:02 AM by GEORGE IIII - NEW SMYRNA BEACH FLA
And what would you expect after three years of a reign of terror from the mayor's office that started with the mayor handing out jobs to her family members and pulling the police out of Rochester's 'no-go' neighbourhoods?

Rochester has become a blighted, ground zero for crime. Nobody stands up to the blacks ( not P.C. I know, but the truth none the less) who have converted areas of Rochester into lawless, no man's lands, within the city. And until Rochester elects a mayor who is willing to step in and 'stop the madness', the city will remain the haven of drug dealers, rapists, armed insurgents and other related thugs.

# 17. 2/27/17 11:22 AM by Carol - Rochester
thumbsup.gif A mayor who runs the city like she is president of a high school student council and makes all the decisions in her own intetest of being re elected (or being picked for a job in DC under looser Hillary) is the root problem here. She goes and it gets better.

# 18. 2/27/17 2:05 PM by Fgf - Rochester
Part of the problem is that New York State has drastically reduced its secure facilities such as Industry and Lincoln Hall. So violent youth who were processed as JD Offenders are being kept at Agencies such as Hillside and the Villa that they can just walk out of. If the State follows through on their next plan, the 16. year old could not be charged as an adult for attempted murder because he is under 18. The police are reluctant to arrest when they know the case will go to Family Court with little consequence.

# 19. 2/27/17 3:17 PM by Carl
thumbsup.gif Great article. Sadly, it falls on deaf ears with no compassion from the powers in the city government. I pray for our "Blue Bloods" on the streets of Rochester. God help them.

# 20. 2/27/17 3:37 PM by Jamie
Things are never quite as simple as they appear - one has too look at all sides of the issues and evaluate one case at a time. There is always a grey area when it come to relations amongst the various groups.

# 21. 2/27/17 5:27 PM by GBerry - Rochester, NY
There will be no change Bob until the Mayor and city council let the police do their jobs as they have been trained to do. This city will continue to sprial downward if the current people at city hall continue with policies that favor criminals and illegal aliens. Can you say Chicago!

# 22. 2/27/17 5:43 PM by Mark - Montgomery
thumbsup.gif The world is ending Bob, Trump is going to fix the middle east but what about us?

# 23. 2/27/17 7:04 PM by The Choir - Rochester
thumbsup.gif Bob, once again you have summed it up perfectly. As a veteran officer of RPD these times are a new low. There is no will at city hall or in the command staff to do anything about crime on the streets. I know this because a section commander advised me once "We can't arrest our way out of the problems on the street." I thought to myself, it's our job to arrest people! Instead we hold meetings, read to kids in the school and go shopping with them. All good things to be doing, but not as a replacement of our primary function, law enforcement! It seems as if the department is desperate to have people who hate us like us! We need to get back to the basics, locking up bad guys, protecting neighborhoods and looking out for the good people living in the city.

# 24. 2/27/17 7:12 PM by WHW
thumbsup.gif If the cop had raised a finger ,he would be racist and a hole world of chit would be dumped on his nasty white a$$.Easier to have you bitchen than the mayor

# 25. 2/27/17 10:40 PM by Che that Guevara - Spiral Jetty, Utah
This is sweet, remote lil ol' Salt Lake City in a mere 5 to 10 years time.

Maybe Burley Idaho will let me move there....oops! Too late!

# 26. 2/28/17 3:49 PM
I am forwarding a copy of this column to my favorite "snowflake disruptor/agitator". Title should be "Rochester PD Needs To Person Up". Very misogynistic! Typical alt-right Lonsberyspeak/write!

# 27. 3/1/17 8:46 AM by Tony P
Yo Bob-

on this you are 100% correct!


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