Written February 3, 2017     

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# 1. 2/4/17 12:14 PM by Randy - Greenville PA
The dialogue seems reasonable. Except it does not address how the 57% treat and interact with the other 43%. Would you like to be a white kid in this demographic? The pendulum swings both ways.

# 2. 2/4/17 12:20 PM by Carl - West Wayne
thumbsup.gif I put down "bad" but it does not matter. Public city schools suck and are beyond repair. Shut them all down as soon as possible.

# 3. 2/4/17 10:37 PM
The amount of political-speak is dumbfounding.

I'm seldom speechless, but....................

Black Lives Matter is as much racist as Japanese Lives Matter. or whatever.

Maybe they are mentally unstable.

# 4. 2/4/17 10:51 PM
No art contests - in which everyone will get a trophy for entering. How about a trophy for learning how to read, write and do arithmetic? I know it's a radical thought, the "3 R's" and how to fill out a job application, speak like the employers speak - not your "homies' speak. And introducing and promoting a WORK ETHIC. And while I'm at it..... Write Cursive, and tie your shoes. Take a test w/o a laptop, and same for a math test. No Computer/calculator. Just pencil and paper, plus your brain. (pull your pants up too).

# 5. 2/4/17 11:03 PM
This is just another reason that vouchers are a good idea. The teachers union should be banned.

They only care about the dues that they collect -- not about the kids.

Let the parents choose where their kids go. NOT thee unions.

This is ultimately benefits society, via having educated, literate citizens. -- who have jobs, pay taxes, and are not on the dole.

REPEAL AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. This was promoted by MLK. ( skin vs. character ).

# 6. 2/5/17 7:07 AM by gary - bergen
To say that only black lives matter is about as racist as you can get. I feel as though these intellectual giants are taking us backwards a hundred years.

# 7. 2/5/17 8:36 AM by Mike L. - Macedon, NY
thumbsdown.gif What a load crap! Maybe if the Rochester City Schools focused on education instead of progressive ideology and glorifying a hate group, they might be able to fix that sad fact that they are completely failing their students and at one of the highest costs in the nation.

The difference between truthful and helpful? I just gagged.

# 8. 2/5/17 10:32 AM by Sam
The mistake they made was using the term "Black Lives Matter" aka BLM. This would have been received more positively had they called it something other than that. BLM is a group of thugs who do not protest peacefully.....

# 9. 2/7/17 6:28 PM by Che Guevara - Spiral Jetty, Utah
Oh, GAG !!!!

The above comment made by a white male racist...of course!

As I roll my eyes in disgust!

The left get's increasingly INSANE with each loss of the presidency.

I'd rather them be INSANE and OUT of power than semi-INSANE and IN power!

# 10. 2/14/17 11:41 AM by Louis - East Rochester NY
thumbsdown.gif I am really sick of the white people wailing, "Don't all lives matter?" White lives have mattered all through history. Only recently have black lives mattered as far as equality and justice so pardon them if they see these recent shootings as a personal threat to their color. With American history such as it is, you really can't blame them!

# 11. 2/15/17 8:11 PM by John Doe - Rocheter NY
thumbsup.gif I agree with honest and open dialogue. The premise of this message is a misdirected and counter productive load of crap. Until we as a society address social issues in unencumbered, honest and valid ways, any progress will be unrealized. This is what happens when fools are appointed to influential positions.

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