Written December 19, 2016     

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# 1. 12/19/16 5:47 AM
In the failing system that busted him, those who are but small cogs in that failing system were again just following orders. From der fuehrer Andrew Cuomo and his co-conspirator Eric Schneidermann on down. Irving of all people should have learned that and remembered it from the first time around. But he should rejoice in the fact that there is a God, and no good deed goes unrewarded. And that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Another tragedy of the Obama era.

# 2. 12/19/16 5:54 AM
There, but for the grace of God, goes us. We have met the enemy and it is us.

# 3. 12/19/16 6:05 AM
This is puzzling and sad, but most of all just tragic. I'm sure as his friend you see this story differently than an outsider looking in.

# 4. 12/19/16 7:29 AM
Yes you can be very generous with other people's money.

# 5. 12/19/16 7:46 AM
He plead guilty.That says something. May mercy triumph over judgement.

Theres a new ichthys shipment coming on Sunday.I hear it's fresh, and I hear it's free...


# 6. 12/19/16 7:47 AM
so sad....so typical....oh the helping (cheating, scamming) that is going on.......who's gonna know?? that's the thing about sinning..it can help relieve a lot of pain and anxiety.

# 7. 12/19/16 8:55 AM
You have a great book written by you in the future

# 8. 12/19/16 9:21 AM
You still say he is a "good man"? Come on Bob, he is a thief, plain and simple. What you read and heard about him is probably a small part of who he is. What is giving away a few fries to the poor kids, when you are taking in thousands of dollars illegally? He has not only bilked the government, but many local business people with whom he has done business. For Irving,credit doesn't have to be paid back. It must be nice driving in from Pittsford and into a completely different world to steal from the people, he serves and the government. He is a big fraud and they should shutter his businesses today! Hopefully, he will get what is coming to him when he is sentenced in March. Whatever it is, it won't be enough! He is not as you say, a "good man" Bob. He is your run of the mill thief! By the way, who would want to eat the fish he sells anyway, who knows where it's been or how old it is?

# 9. 12/19/16 9:26 AM by Fgf - Rochester
It's an open secret that many small city grocers will give you 50 cents on the dollar for your food stamps ( now EBT card) It's actually a more harmful crime than it initially appears because a family's food allowance is being used to finance the city's drug problem.

# 10. 12/19/16 10:00 AM by Walt - Milano, TX
thumbsup.gif Reminds me of the closing lines in the Sermon at the end of A River Runs Through It:

"We can still love them. We can love them completely without completely understanding them."

# 11. 12/19/16 10:02 AM by Rhea feinberg - Rochester,n.y.
I have known this family for years,lived in irondequoit, belonged to the same temple, our boys went to high school together. Was married to a good friend of mine etc. He worked hard all his years but the sad part is greed. The good part is his elderly father jack is not well, so hopefully will not hear about this. Wish him well and hope his family does not suffer because of his "never enough" sorry bob but I have a issue with "never enough". Merry Christmas to your beautiful family and of course you. I am a faithful listener.

Editor's Note: i am honored, ma'am. happy hannukah.

# 12. 12/19/16 10:53 AM by Brian
“Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!”

Wait......wrong venue, never mind.

# 13. 12/19/16 12:49 PM by Pp
thumbsup.gif You're a very good writer, Bob. I often disagree with your opinions, but recognize and enjoy your talent!

Editor's Note: Thank you.

# 14. 12/19/16 1:20 PM by Mk
Thanks for a peek into the windows of another life. Best wishes to Irving. His admission of wrong doing shows more integrity than most. I hope all the good he has sent and given to others will return to him, especially when he is incarcerated.

# 15. 12/19/16 1:21 PM by Paul - ROCHESTER >AZ
A Good Column , A sad way to end a good mans life work .

# 16. 12/19/16 5:26 PM by Jim - Rochester, NY
A thief is a theif. In my experience people either steal or they don't. No in between. He is certainly not a Christian. He is a criminal. I would not be the one to throw the first stone. Yet I also do not agree with how you try a condone his actions. Wrong is wrong! It just my be that the reason he continued in the family business is because it was very profitable ! At least for a dishonest man. Time to pay the price Irving! Stole 1.25 M but only pays pack .25 M. Not bad!

# 17. 12/19/16 5:32 PM by John - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif Wow. . . So Irving was re-distributing the wealth of US citizens to the poor, down-trodden, and desperately needy. Apparently, he was doing a far better, and more efficient, job of it than the Federal Government. Quite the embarrassment - no wonder the Feds took him to task. . .

# 18. 12/19/16 8:27 PM by Bob W. - Rochester
thumbsdown.gif Bob, I have 35 years of experience with the Feldmans, that's official business. I love both of these guys and all the characters which surround them. However, you have been totally duped by them, particularly by Irving. Irv is a charming sociopath who will commit any illegal act what so ever. If you want to hear some of my myriad stories about Modern Fish Market, contact me.

# 19. 12/19/16 10:44 PM by Carla Mountford - Heart of Ohio
thumbsup.gif Thanks Bob for the story.

This proves it is time to get the Federal government out of the food stamp, etc. business, and let the local governments and charities do the job better, with more compassion.

# 20. 12/20/16 1:20 AM by Mary - Rochester, NY
It is amazing the different reactions to the same circumstances of various people. Irving Feldman was not an elected official entrusted to serve and protect the citizens. But he did do wrong for what reason, only he and God will know the truth. Yes he stole, but not from the government, he stole from the taxpayers who feed the government. The government steals from the taxpayers on a daily basis. Over 40 of New York State's elected officials have committed crimes of dishonest service to the taxpayers of this state. Most go free. Irv Feldman for his crimes will continue to take from the taxpayers while he is incarcerated and supported by the taxpayers. Our state and local government is spending millions of dollars in an attempt to cover up the thievery of elected officials and their cronies. Why is Irv Feldman more of a criminal than most politicians in New York State? who is the criminal and who is the thief and why do the taxpayers always seem to pay the price?

# 21. 12/20/16 7:16 AM by P.L.
thumbsdown.gif I don't imagine a lot of fishmongers live in Pittsford. You make him out as if he was poor, but he found a way, like many other city retailers, to make money on the backs of taxpayers. This sort of thing is virtually untraceable, and your buddy got caught. I don't feel sorry for him one bit, and frankly, after hearing your thoughts on corporate welfare for years, I'm surprised you dug for a way to justify what he did.

Visit him in prison, Bob.

# 22. 12/20/16 7:31 AM by Paul
"I don’t believe he took the money out of greed."

That has to be the single most naive thing I have ever read. This was no Jean Valjean stealing bread to feed his starving family.

# 23. 12/20/16 8:45 AM by Mike R. - Livonia, NY
thumbsup.gif Heeeeeeyyyyyy Bob,

You said the market is worthy of a story. Bob, the story is staring you in the face. Get Irving to tell his story, you just arrange the letters and words on the page. If that "notebook" shows that over a million dollars went to the poor of Rochester, we've got a modern day Robin Hood (although I don't think Errol Flynn is available for the part) and one hell of a book waiting. Of course, a welfare cheat is a welfare cheat and he will get the punishment demanded but maybe the proceeds can be used in the same spirit that he helped others. Just a thought.

Keep writing.

# 24. 12/20/16 9:30 AM by Fred - Tulsa
How much free fish did you get for plugging Irving on your show?

Editor's Note: none. ever.

# 25. 12/20/16 11:24 AM by Tom - Manassas, Virginia
For Irving it was always about the money. There was no crime he would not commit to make himself immeasurably rich. He knew that these poor people needed cash and he held all the bargaining power buying their cards dirt cheap. Do you think that those "loans" he made were interest free?

Your friend is a very bad man.

# 26. 12/20/16 11:49 AM by Russ - Wilmington
$1.4 million.....that is a hell of a lot of fish. Will tax evasion be added to the charges?

# 27. 12/20/16 11:55 AM by Nancy
Bob...will you be doing a fund raiser to help Irving with his legal bills? That would be a nice gesture.

# 28. 12/20/16 2:53 PM
Nice but sad sad story Bob

# 29. 12/20/16 3:57 PM by Ron Dailey - Penn Yan
thumbsup.gif Nicely written Bob!

# 30. 12/20/16 4:33 PM by Kurt - ogden
Well told, Bob, thank you. There's a good short story in there, I think.

I believe most members of the human race are generally good, and we should not disregard or delegitimize the good done, even when we allow our faults and weaknesses to trip us up. Thank you for recognizing and reminding us that Irving, like each of us, is not all bad, just as no one of us is all good.

I hope Irving is not given jail time, but instead, is allowed to work and repay what he has taken from the taxpayers. That way he would not cost society even more money, while he pays his debt to us.

I would surely like to meet and talk with you, some time, Bob. Merry Christmas to you and your family. - ks

# 31. 12/20/16 6:13 PM by Henry - webster
Given how little support poorer families receive from SNAP, they shouldn't be trading in the cards for cash. They need food more than they do weapons or cigarettes. The meagre funds need to be used for feeding people, especially children. Given the republican hatred of poorer people, they need to realise their funds will most likely be curtailed.

# 32. 12/20/16 6:21 PM by Anon
thumbsup.gif If you are talking about the store on Genesee St. then I was in there a few years back.

Great place for carry out fried sea food.

Let's hope this story ends with some consideration for the immediate community it serves so well.

# 33. 12/20/16 6:28 PM
I myself have done some bad things,and thankfully I have been given a pass. And when I hear about someone like Irving, I praise the Lord and exclaim: "There, but for the grace of God, go I!". What about you?

# 34. 12/20/16 6:33 PM by Chuck - Webster
Re another friend of yours, and someone I liked very much: Bill Nojay. What was the point of disseminating the information just before the holidays, when his family is probably grieving more than usual. A curious lack of compassion and sensitivity from the judiciary. I mean, at this point, no one benefits, but more (innocent) people are hurt.

# 35. 12/20/16 6:36 PM
When I attained the ripe old age of 5, I was educated about and knew right from wrong. But because I am human, I have fallen from grace and faltered. Long ago, I came to the realization that I might spend the remainder of my life in prison. Fortunately, I was given a pass. Not just once, but several times. And for that I am grateful to God. And I can understand the fallibility of Irving. and I myself can forgive him for being human. But can others?

# 36. 12/20/16 9:07 PM by harry cox - fairport
thumbsdown.gif robin in the hood

# 37. 12/20/16 9:39 PM by John - SLC, UT
thumbsup.gif Bob- I always enjoy your story telling skills and word pictures of people, their behavior (good or bad) and their surroundings.

We still miss you here in Utah, but wish you and your family all the best and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

# 38. 12/20/16 10:05 PM
I agree with a previous comment. irving is a psychopath. And so are you!

# 39. 12/21/16 6:33 AM
I sincerely hope the fish market doesn't close over this. although we might be getting a Chik Fil A in Greece...


# 40. 12/21/16 9:10 AM by Jeff
Feldman and Nojay - two thieves. The only difference is that Nojay is a coward. You really know how to pick them!

# 41. 12/22/16 6:13 AM
Something fishy there. Spare the rod and spoil the child.

# 42. 12/22/16 10:33 AM by Brian
Glad to see that the comments are back. It is like a book club....you read the selection and then you comment on it. I will visit your site more often just to read the comments.

# 43. 12/22/16 10:34 AM
Sad to say, but to make it in business today, it is really hard. You have to be especially creative to at least try to beat the "system"! I read an article about the "underground economy". The government has gone to great lengths to to stifle it. But the article, written by a prominent economist, made it quite clear that an economy does NOT properly function without an "underground economy". And the reason our "legitimate economy" is doing so poorly is that the government has succesfully attacked the "underground". We need to "throttle"!

# 44. 12/24/16 1:21 PM by Roy
So he was making about $972.00 a day off foodstamps which lots of businesses probably do and have done & is why the fish market never folded. Seems he's been a bit greedy however playing it to the hilt. Wonder how they caught him. How #1 calls this an Obama tragedy is beyond me.

# 45. 1/15/17 7:37 PM by Jim - Irondequoit
thumbsup.gif Bob, I met Irving Feldman when I was in 5th grade and he was in 7th grade. He used to pay me a dime to carry his briefcase from Iroquois Middle School to the RTS bus stop across from St. Thomas Middle School. There were daily after-school snowball wars between Iroquois and St. Thomas, and Irving needed both hands to engage in battle. He let me use the briefcase for a shield. He was an excellent shot. Sorry to hear of his trouble. He is a great guy with a big heart. I pray his time passes swiftly, and that God will bless him in a positive direction. Thanks for your sensitivity, Bob.

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